Pay Taxes Your Way.

Payment Source has teamed up with PayPal, allowing you to pay your taxes using your bank account, credit card, Visa Debit or PayPal balance.

You are making your PayPal payment on Payment Source, a third party service provider that helps you make payments to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).*

Payment Source is now enabling tax payments through PayPal

Now that you have the ability to use PayPal on Payment Source, you have the option to pay your taxes in many ways. You can use any payment method linked to your PayPal account; bank account, credit cards or your PayPal balance, you decide.
Regardless of how you pay your taxes, using PayPal through Payment Source is quick and easy.

*All payments made to Payment Source using PayPal are completed on the Payment Source platform. PayPal is not responsible for the transfer of the funds directly to the CRA. A Payment Source convenience fee of 2.29% will apply.

How it works

Choose Individual or Business tax type

Enter the details required for your tax type

Complete your transaction using PayPal

Your account will be credited once processing* is complete

Processing time is 3 business days.

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